This hospital website provides information about hospitals, doctors, medical & beauty centers and natural thermal spas in Turkey for international patients seeking high quality health service at favorable rates.

The idea of building this page comes from a growing demand for finding a multilingual doctor amongst international patients such as medical travelers, newcomers and expats living in Turkey. Doctors listed on our website are internationally qualified and advanced foreign language speakers. If you still experience communication problems with their assistants, you’re always welcome to contact   us for arranging your visit.

Why International Patients Choose Turkey;

- A strictly followed US model based medical system policy monitored by MOH (Ministry of Health)
- Around 50-60% difference in costs in comparison to equivalent procedures in UK or US.
- Modern hygienic hospitals and medical centers, highly qualified natural thermal and spa resorts with 5 star facilities, available capacity, favorable prices and ISO & JCI accreditation.
- Excellent patient care and service from internationally qualified English-speaking medical staff.
- The latest advanced techniques and equipment.
- Rational travel and accommodation costs.
- Chance to enjoy cultural, thermal, skiing, ballooning, rafting, beach, shopping and many more destinations and activities in Turkey.

Common Treatments Done by Medical Travelers in Turkey

The hospitals and healthcare centers in Turkey offer a wide range of services for medical travelers, which include but are not limited to; eye surgery, fertility and sterility, general and aesthetic dentistry, beauty centers, obesity and bariatric surgery, renal dialysis, stem cell transplantations, sleep disorders, psoriasis treatment, physiotherapy, oxygen therapy, plastic surgery, ozone and neural therapy, hair transplantation.

Entry to Turkey | Travel & Accomodation

Visa requirements can be found at the Turkish MFA website
You can browse all travel related services through our Travel Agencies    | Facilitators section as well.

We wish you all, a long, happy, healthy life and the best travel experience during the days you spend in Turkey.

Facilitators | Travel Agencies

Medical Assistants | Facilitators in Turkey

When planning a medical vacation, you can either make all the preparations by yourself or you can hire a medical tourism assistant to do all the arrangements for you. Here you can find a list of trusted medical tourism companies offering various services and health packages to facilitate your vacation.

Travel Agencies in Turkey

Health tourism is a great way to combine your dream vacation with a much needed medical treatment. You may want to check with these travel agencies for package tours and tempting offers while planning your medical vacation to Turkey.

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